Traditional Village Festas


If you are  planning to visit Malta during summer, you surely cannot miss one of the many incredible firework displays which take place during each and every weekend on both Islands. With an average of five village feasts per weekend, starting from the first weekend of June up till mid-September, most of the feasts offer a spectacle of synchronised displays and mechanised ground fireworks on the eve of their feast, which normally falls on a Saturday.

Every village’s firework’s factory is packed with volunteers all year round, all in honour of their patron saint, and with much love and dedication they create an artistic show for us to appreciate. Engrained in our hearts, this tradition, colours our summer nights and lights up the Maltese skies.

The feast of the Assumption offers a firework packed week leading up to the 15th of August, with seven village feasts being celebrated on the same day, offering a vast choice of displays to opt for. With Imqabba leading in this sector, one must not miss their annual incredible show on the 14th of August. Imqabba are well known for their perfectly orchestrated shows and innovative techniques which have managed to attract not only the villagers, but also the whole of Malta. They have also won numerous awards, including the Malta International Fireworks Festival and the Caput Lucis of Italy. Imqabba are not the only ones to look out for, and the following is a list of firework displays to keep in mind when visiting:

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